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In these times of financial uncertainty, while everyone is searching for alternatives to the normal investment channels, why aren’t more people switching to cryptocurrencies? In the increasingly vulnerable financial web, why aren’t more businesses adopting blockchain? The answer is: most people simply don’t understand fintech. And why should they, when most information comes from jargon-heavy crypto gurus, and on the other side, alarmist articles focusing on gossip and scandals?

Komende is the first fintech educational platform which provides not only a balanced view, but one that is easily understood by the curious to seasoned financial veterans. Our content is presented as bite-sized entertaining, information-rich videos and downloadable materials, which can be consumed as a series of courses, or as a smorgasbord of information.

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We know that everyone learns differently, which is why we offer a diverse variety of learning tools. All so that you can find the best way to learn and build your understanding of this fascinating space. 

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