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Introducing Komende

Fintech Education Simplified for Everyone
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What We Do

A place designed for you where you can direct your parents or friends when then they ask you about Fintech

Educate the Masses

Legitimise Content

Simplify Concepts

Grow with You

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About Us

Fintech Education for the Future

We believe that our ever-modernising society deserves to have access to educational tools that allow them to learn about what new options are out there, rather than having to settle between the same choices of banking or old technology to dictate how they do things. In a modern society that can land a robot on Mars and find new cures for diseases, why should we not grow beyond the old institutions that were previously our only options, and not embrace the new technology that favours the individual?

Interested in our work?

We're always looking to collaborate or offer ways for others to utilise our content. Feel free to reach out.